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IT Jobs hire is a job site where IT employer and recruiters can rely on in finding qualified IT job seekers and tech talents. At we strive to make a difference in online tech job recruitment by providing job seekers and employers a more efficient and convenient tool to stay connected. The online tech and IT recruitment industry has undergone seismic shift and transformation over the years with both employers and recruiters shifting from the old traditional generalist job site to a more industry focused and IT niche job board.
Both IT recruiters and IT job seekers are more interested a vertical job market that tailor recruitment to information technology. Therefore, as the focus turns on recruiting IT and tech job seekers with expertise and job experience in a specific area such as software engineer, application developer, Big Data Analysts, DevOps engineers, and information security experts etc. It therefore becomes imperative to refine our job board to deliver exactly what the IT industry wants. It is always a thing of joy for both job seekers and recruiters when ever they find a perfect match in each other. It is often like a marriage made in heaven. Simply put, IT job seeker wants a perfect job while the recruiter is interested in finding a perfect fit and skills match. Niche IT job board such as is here to drive the perfect match to your job openings. is designed specifically with IT recruiters and IT job seekers in mind. It is a vertical job search and job posting platform for the IT and tech industry.

USA IT Jobs Outlook

If you are a fresh IT job seeker or an IT professional who lost his job but planning to find another job, this is the right time to start your job search. USA IT job market is still booming even in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. "USA tech job market is strong and healthy" said Sandeep Singh a silicon valley based FinTech recruitment consultant.' There are indeed more employers and recruiters looking to fill up some IT and tech job positions in major USA tech hubs .

The good news is that there are thousands of IT and Tech jobs posted daily in USA. In fact, according to 2020 employment statistics and Cyberstates19, "Technology employment grew In 43 States in 2019" and hopes that the trend will continue in 2020. there are thousands of IT and Tech job opportunities and tech employers and recruiters are scrambling to fill up some of these mission-critical tech position. The demand is more than supply. More tech and IT job openings in the areas of software engineering, mobile application development, information systems security, systems analysis, Big data analysis, computer networking etc, with few candidates to choose from. Some employers are even relying on offshore or oversees candidate to fill up their job opening. A trend which analyst think will not improve soon.

Among major USA tech hub cities the following are 10 cities with the most tech job openings, Austin Tech Jobs, San Francisco Tech Jobs, Raleigh, NC, San Jose, CA, Seattle Tech Jobs, Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, San Diego, CA and New York, NY.